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1. Better Than Crying

I don't need your sympathy but I'll take it anyway, if it kills some time; Reach your open hand to me and I'll sever your arm; I take that back; I just feel so old since the sun came up today; And the...

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2. Blue Highways

The kids left home; The kids got a kid of her own; But don’t knock that door; Don’t knock it nobody’s home; The mystery signs; Turn off and follow at blind; The interstate is jammed and crammed with e...

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3. Buck

Count the times I've cried in vain; The year has grown long and youth has passed me by again; A broken watch; A run-downclock; A smiling face on my wist; The best years of my life just meet the sky ag...

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4. Gesture

...And I realize that I need to be a strong and independent young man; But I realize that I'm nothing and I'd be nothing all alone; This song is for everyone who's ever helped me out; Hope I can repay...

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5. I Hope You're Unhappy

I must have had a dream about you; Cause I woke up in the worst of moods; And when I looked at the clock my day was already ruined; I'm glad that you like your new place; And I hope your new job works...

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6. I'll Wait Today

I never thought I'd write a love song; But this is close as I may get; Stop pretending something is wrong; And we'll pretend like we just met; I'm not a tribute to just anyone; I'm not mad, but let me...

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7. Knox

Give me a mirror so I can start to hate myself; It's a hidden talent that I've always possessed; Scar my face, so I won't feel so damn ugly; Let me out - now; Let me out of me, of me; Found my ideal, ...

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8. Lollapalooza

It seems I'm granted the last laugh; I won't forgive what I can't forget, Extend your hair to me like a long lost friend, That 2 years prior wrung my neck!! I'll never let you in to touch my world; 'C...

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9. Return Of The Fly

Return of the fly; Return of the fly; With Vincent Price; Yeah, return of the fly; Helen Delambre, Helen Delambre; Francois, Francois; Return of the fly; You guinea pig; Human hands and feet; Yeah, yo...

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10. Seven-Day Constant

Sleep is overrated; I went to a party and I never heard such laughter; It briefly felt like it was Christmas Eve; I entered like a pallbearer; My baggage was astonishing; I couldn't bare to check it a...

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11. Silver Anniversary

There's no one home in here; So don't knock anymore; I don't want what you're selling anyway; Just help me find a little bit of what I seemed to 've missed; Because the bottom fell out on me; Was it e...

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12. Square One

You know I haven't moved much; I'm more or less the same; But you never crushed me; It only takes me back to what I still don't have yet; Know what I'm feeling? Feel like a little boy; Feel like a dre...

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13. Statues Of Snow

You're carving a statue of snow and you're the only one who knows how; You've got your own indecipherable language to use now; You're bending the laws of science like bending bars of steel; But your a...

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14. The Slowdance

I walked home, you drove off. you probably slept more than i did. the monkey wrench inside my chest; told me not to run. ; from a stranger to a stranger:; "why don't we talk a while? I’ve got nothing ...

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15. Too Much, Too Late

Well, I heard that you got me a birthday card; But my mailbox still stays empty to go with the empty seat of my car; And I heard that you've got things to say to me; I was always good at listening, ye...

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