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1. Assassin

Crime and misery take the world; Morals and justices boundaries were closed; The massacred ruins of the society feel; A creature that has pleasure to kill; Half man, half monster, you'll die faster; C...

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2. Demon's Massacre

Four THRASH maniacs; Fallowing the laws of satan; Baptized in fire; Demon's command our conspiracy; Against all the false bastards; Love for metal and evil; Are united in our blood; The brutality of t...

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3. Doctrine Sickness

Doctrine Sickness; Sunk in the underworld; So much pain, anguish and sin; In my endless guilt; It is time for trying to survive; The abyss has no return; Hate and hostility sting my body; I am synonym...

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4. Funeral Lust

Funeral Lust; As a maniac. I have sexual fantasies in the cemetary; Pleasure and smell of death walking together as one; Raping the nuns in the fog of night inside a grave; Obscure and unknown, ritual...

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5. Hatebreed

Hatebreed; The hate dominates your mind; Black roots spring from your heart; Rotting in a cold bed; With the only desire to die; Your thought linked to the past; Just see blood and destruction; A war ...

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6. No Remorse To Kill

No Remorse To Kill; Don't try to escape; Your death is certain; You run at night to find a way out; But every moment that passes I am nearer; Extreme violence and blasphemies; Reborn this night, I am ...

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7. Unholy Cross

Unholy Cross; Minds poisoned by the force of evil; We are ready to attack; Metal warriors with the will to blaspheme; Loving extreme tortures, you feel just pain; Faith never helps in our battle; We w...

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8. Violent Sacrifice

Violent Sacrifice; Irresponsibility in a world of fertility; Innocent victims of massacre and cruelty; Raped producing a mass genocide; Drugged children, terrorized for eternity; The purpose of life, ...

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9. Wild Rocker

I'm a wild rocker; And I'm back in town; To spread my meanness; And scream the rock 'n 'roll; Tripping high with my grass; Gimme some girls and I relax; I drive my old car so fast; The police wants to...

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