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1. Different For Girls

What the hell is wrong with you tonight? I can't seem to say or do the right thing. Wanted to be sure you're feeling right. Wanted to be sure we want the same thing. ; She said, I can't believe it. Yo...

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2. Don't Let Them Get You Down

I'm always trying to put you together again just to watch you falling apart; I call you on the phone and lay you on my couch; So sad to hear you cry, don't let them get you down. You tell me you've be...

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3. Goodnight, God Bless

Now it's time to go. We hope you liked the show. This was far away the best gig we've ever played. So sing along to fade. Goodnight, god bless. Sleep well, it's time to rest. Sweet dreams, goodnight. ...

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4. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Sitting here so close together; So far we're just friends; But I'm wondering whether I; Am I just imagining you; Have you really got a thing for me like I think you do; When I see you smile and that s...

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5. Life's Too Short

There's a girl I know who keeps me waiting, saying one thing, doing something else. When I see her now it's so confusing, one day I'm winning the next I'm losing. It's a hopeless situation when life's...

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6. Living For The Weekend

He's not a guy that you'd call understanding; She sees him weekends just to keep her hand in; He's not affectionate and won't be kissed; He never cried when they saw Schindler's List. He never acted o...

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7. Lois Lane

She's really cool, mercurial; I feel week when she speaks, invisible; She's so beautiful; I'm such a fool for you. She's dynamite, kryptonite, while she sleeps; The world it keeps 'til morning light; ...

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8. Only Happy When She's Sad

Only happy when she's sad; She does everything to please him just to have him put her down. Only angry cuz she's mad, she runs around in circles as he tries to read her mind. She's been keeping the wh...

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9. Seventies Superstar

He used to be a major player on the silverscreen. He made the girls scream. He was a vision in tan leather. I bought the songs that showed the measure of his fame, then he took the blame. Now his imag...

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10. Sofie So Fair

She was barely out of school, when she first caught my eye; We passed out in my room, too drunk to say goodnight. Sofie so fair, una una, oppe oppe, sofie so fair una oppe shoppe kloppe; Sofie so fair...

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11. Talk About Nothing

We used to talk about the way we feel; Now I don't feel as though we're really talking. I used to trust in you my one ideal, now there's no subject to the conversation. We're walking, sleep talking, f...

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12. Terry

We've been to a pub now we're in a club, my friend Terry's at the bar. I've taken a pill, I'm feeling unchilled, it's not going well so far. The music's too loud, I'm lost in the crowd, I've got demon...

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13. Tired Of Apologising

I'm in the doghouse again but I still don't know why; I wanna be friend's but all you want to do is cry; It's always the same; You're telling me we can't get by. I'm tired of apologising everytime thi...

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