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1. Burnin

Don't come by to glow my direction; I'm going blind with your attention; The way you move your head is ok; I will remind your infatuation; I know i got an heartbreakin'; Maybe the world i'm livin in k...

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2. Gimme Some Love

I want your sex; and your lips; I'm gonna kiss 'em; and you love it so much; ohh baby; we'll blow tonight; I want your nerves deep in my body; I'm gonna shock you like a panic attack; ohoo baby; tonig...

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3. Sun's Rising On The Usa

Like that guy; people dancin in the streets; spirit is strong and I'm feelin’ sweet; so let's go and make some love in central park; we'll be havin’ fun after dark hour; sun's rising on the usa; let's...

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