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1. Always The Same

what about the education? always the same; what about the politicians? always the same; i give a fuck if that's; always the same; so i fight everyday; always the same

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2. Can't Take My Doubt

i hope it will be over; these things; who could resist; got the chance to correct it; but you must believe we missed; i wanna stop your talking; i wanna freeze your smile; i wanna see you losing; when...

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3. Don't Believe

please don't believe; day after day they want to say; what you have to do; to whom you should pray; please believe nothing; think for yourself; go deep in your mind; and look what you find; politician...

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4. Key Avenue

Caught by mass psychology we need the final breakout; Among the supressors we are forced to smile; Now i'm fed up with the power that feeds our apathy; But i've eaten the flesh poisened with hate; Ins...

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5. Mankind Suicide

who's so blind; blind to see; look your country; look the society; watch the world; who's so blind to see the damages; who's so blind to see (it); don't you see the epidemics? so many people die; don'...

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6. New Freedom

maybe i will hurt you but that's not my intention now; step back a little and listen to me; if you say no then i say yo; there's a special fact for living 'bout the human weakness to adrift; my though...

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7. Path Of Blood

you talk about peace; you talk about help; you talk about truth; you talk about charity; but the reality is another; you burned humans; damaged cultures; and killed peoples; in your holy battles; your...

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8. Truth

come down with us; be an individual and stand behind your friends; respect the unity - not only shaking hands; do you remember? do you know the words? strength of unity; what i see - it hurts; don't l...

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9. World's A Prison

world - is a - prison; world's a fuckin' prison; organized by borders; you have to question; if you wanna pass; world's a fuckin' prison; parted by dividing lines; like prison cells; but peoples are n...

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