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1. Faint Light

How everything seems to be turning; After hanging long from one good thing; After despair the faint light; Is now surrounding me; Beautifully revolving; Through sincere tears of pure happiness; Indesc...

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2. Flowgrasp

I feel the melancholy of deepening summer night; And I loathe it; The dark shades of green entangle me inside; The dices falling; Oh with wounded hearts; Accepting the fate; We shall drift apart; And ...

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3. Helpless

The warm, dim light; In autumnal twilight; Sets the scenery; For a heart-breaking play; Strangled sorrow; Pains of two; Merciless grasp of loneliness; Uncompromising and endless; I miss the past; I mi...

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4. Just Go

(Lionel Richie); It’d be so nice (nice nice); If you didn’t have to feel so lonely; It’d be so nice (nice nice); If I could sneak you for a moment; I know you like to get away, go away, far away; To a...

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5. Loosely Of Amoebas

Crave...the sound of ocean roaring; The moisture during nightime warmth; Crave...though rather ill-disposedly; To be the director of your dreamplays; To cause awkward ecstatic awakenings; By his side,...

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6. Mist

Sprung from total emptiness; Inpenetratable and cold; I'm drawn into the gray; And then only darkness; I can hear the rain again; And feel the fragrance of fall; I can remember the summer no more; See...

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7. Monster

Eternal doorway; A gate to truth in despair; I feel caught in the fading headlights; Superiority by misbelief; Violence through delusion; How can one find passion; In such a storm; Even if we all were...

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8. My Sanctuary In Solitude

Even though the rain won't stop falling; and the winds howl outside; I do not fear, for every breath I take; they're losing me; A faint scent of summer; Still haunts in my mind; I'll hold on to it; I'...

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9. Pearl Of My Suffering

Knowing that I'm all lost now; I have no chance but to turn back; I'll face what I was bound to before; Whatever the sickness might be; I don't mind; I'll face the void ahead; There's a window between...

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10. Recondite

I can't seem to penetrate the shadow; That's hanging over my past; In vain I search for the truth of what I was; Like surfaced from a dream; Guided back from my cage of seclusion; Nevertheless, I'm no...

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11. Same

I may seem strange to your eyes; But I'm still the same deeper down; Under the surface nothing has changed; You can still recognize me; My body is torn; into the thing that bit me; It has scarred my s...

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12. Sixty-nine

I redraw my wish; line by line; My thoughts retrace the history; to the point where I failed; Pictures of long summer nights; burnt with a bright flame; their flames now; tearing me; I'll shield my lo...

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13. Stretching Into Me

I want to tear my thorn away; The shadow of my end; Once more I see less than yesterday; The vision escapes; I cry for oblivion; The obscure image embracing me; Alone I can't heal what once was scarre...

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14. Time-tables

Those moments of serenity; Those dream-like instants; I knew I could let go; And the time would still be; What once seemed so hard; Begins to feel so simple; And what is; I can't comprehend; To be in ...

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15. Wallgarden

My quiet steps; And the sound of being alone; Line my home; Mask the edge of my reality; Swallowing lament; No more than a fading memory; I cease my steps and lift the rose; Beautiful and so deadly to...

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