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1. Held Down With Busted Arms

When you're coming down on us it's so simple; this is our final scapegoat and it's rendered in our design; it's working out now; will you come down on us when there's no way out; say that you're all m...

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2. In These Wounds

Over my dead body you'll lie thoughts cold all oversight; it's all inside my head; and you wish you only knew of it under your spell; these feelings never seemed the same; until this moment here with ...

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3. Lemmings

Awake, with a warm sweat pouring over me. How great it is to feel that you're alive! I'm no hero; I'm just trying to play the role. But, I will never forget that night they stood in line on the bridge...

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4. Lies Between Lives

Like lights that give into the surge; and you're hoping for the chance to shine; simple standards and lost examples; this is you waiting for; it's all worth coping to return this feeling lifeless you ...

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5. Misconceptions

Failure is not an option; it's a state of mind; dare to take chances now; another misconception; our eyes are burning out from staring; our lies are all in check preparing for this; the ink will bleed...

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6. Promises Of The Gods

I immerse myself in fiction; while the sky is painted black and grey; my guide my source my inner monologue; to follow constant is the pattern laid; take a breath; (silence as hollow lies inform you);...

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7. Sound Minds

I'm beating up myself and; I'm wearing out myself to succeed in this game. Scarred and bruised; I won't let up, nothing you say can tear me down; end this nightmare and continue on the dreams; I'm bea...

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8. Speak Your Words

With just an ounce of envy; i hold my head heavy but i; i can't believe what you've become; such a fitting scene; are you trailing behind; but you hold your own; and now you face it; and i know all to...

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9. Threat Company

Soft spoken words to you; who knew that they'd spill the truth; a lot to lose with the intake; you choose last chance now; I wouldn't think it over once; cause I know these parasites breed allies; tak...

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