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1. A Dance You Won't Forget

They say love is magic, They say it's always there, But I can show you a magic trick, I can show you how to disappear; Dance with me, it's just a feeling and I'm over it; I'm a dance you won't forget,...

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2. Afraid Of The Dark

Turn out the devils; That speak out; Inside your mind; You'll bleed out the evils; That shout out; That leaves your fear inside; It haunts you praying for security; Its taunts you wanting more serenit...

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3. Faceless Frames

She wakes up with the scent; of blind mistakes & careless ways; A black out phase, still strong on her breath; Her home lined in masks, to hide away from her past; That broke down her confidence; Slow...

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4. Just Another Soul

Feel the wind beneath your feet; I don't care to see you leave; What you're in for now beats jealousy; I'm gone from this wretched place; Just another face; In and out of my head; Scars run down your ...

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5. Portraits

I swore that I'd always love you; And your sweet smile and the scent of your hair; But your flare has gone away for awhile; Take me to the edge of town to; To sort this whole thing out; To sort this w...

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6. The Glamour

Follow your empty dreams; And mindless fiends; To get you where you think you need to go; I won't be buried for you; When you lose your little pot of gold, Your arrogance blinds you; What makes you th...

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7. The Hardest Heart

Let's play make believe; (Play with me); And see how far we can go; (Before we get caught up); Well I think this is love; I feel so dangerous; (Let's set a trap); In this state that I'm in; (We'll get...

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8. Wrong & Right

I realize, I try to find a different life, A lie to hide; The difference between; Wrong and right, wrong and right; It starts here; And I can hardly bear; To tell you what I feel about the day when; H...

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