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1. Begin Again

Watch the bodies hitting the floor; I keep them coming back for more, no matter what I do or say; Watch me heading for the door, because I don't want to hear anymore; There's nothing you could do or s...

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2. Bright Eyes

Your eyes shine so bright; like fire I’ve never seen; I can’t believe that you’re walking to me; On the brink of two lifetimes, we’ll run and never stop; Don’t look back; Just run with me, hand in han...

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3. Clear

Open my eyes; Make me alive; I’ve searched so long and I’ve tried so hard to find something to call my everything; I don’t think I’d even know Your face if I could see; I’ve yearned so long and I’ve c...

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4. Cruel

When we were kids, we would always climb the tallest trees in town; We never thought about what would happen if we lost our footing on the 37th branch, and fell down to the ground; When we were kids, ...

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5. Destruction, Destruction

It’s a brand new day; The words we say here are everlasting; they don’t ever stop; It’s ok that I am a black hole; You’re my star; I’m absorbing your atoms into my heart; It’s cold out here, this time...

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6. Endure

I meet you there, and greet you; I’m falling further into you; Your eyes are blinding to my heart; I can’t seem to find my way; Decorations and flowers; Dressed up for the occasion; Finally the sky is...

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7. First Encounters

Tiny ions bounce off one another, making fluorescent light; Mind the gap as we step on the elevator, where your skin is milky-white; I am your night off; I am your drive home; I am the cool between yo...

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8. Ground Swell

Gosh, it’s smoky in this place; Looking hard, I see your face; You are lingering; Coming through in stereo, louder than the radio; You are lingering; Blinded by the LCD and the wrong condoned on our T...

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9. Melancholy

Loosen your tie, unbutton your shirt; Priorities straight; First things first; Relaxing as your eyes close, your hands upon the wheel; The whole of the day is stuck in your brain; Stare straight ahead...

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10. Out For Blood

I just wanna be alive; I don't wana be alone; I just wanna be in love; I just wanna go home; Sandin' on a slippery slope; And baby, it'd a long way down; My heart sinks as it loses all hope; My body c...

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11. Over

I've got a way to win you over; Just do it over until you see things my way; I've half a mind to screw you over; Just pull the wool over; You never see things my way; I see the darkness in your eyes; ...

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12. Sailor's Mouth

Oh, oh, it's clear to me; I never saw before what I now see; That I, I am never going to be; Never going to be what I wanted me to be; Orphan kid, pulling his tricks; Trying to find himself in cute gi...

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13. Sleeper

Say goodbye; We’ve been quiet for way too long, keeping silent as our defense; See them writing on the wall; You see them pressed against the floor; You see the fire in their eyes, and yet you feel so...

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14. The Murder Of Dorian Grey

I heard you cry in your singsong voice; We didn’t have a choice but to sit and watch you die in the February air; I’m leaving all my cares by the bedside; We’re screaming on the outside; And bleeding ...

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15. There's A Beauty In Permanence(or All Rise)

One hand 'round the other's wrist; All air exiting my chest; All senses functioning: Heart beats, maintain breathing; As you walk steadily, I have never felt so weak, or so strong, as I do now; Lids c...

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16. Ticketed Passengers Only

Be still, blue night sky; My heart dies to be on your side of the glass; Tonight, I can’t help imagining the sound of crashing to the ground; FDR at 8am; An empty airport; My only friend, you always b...

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