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1. Carefully Planned

Once said to self; What’s made is old; Let it; Word in your mouth; Or to share; Alone again; Don’t say I’ll learn; The choice is yours; Or decide; Your wrong; To paraphrase the line; Quit it; Break yo...

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2. Conceptual Separation Of Self

Share; Form and space; The lost wait on us; Know when; Heart beats dark warnings; It’s gone; This concept of separation, well; Put it this way its not; Giving hope for it; But I don’t give a damn; Hol...

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3. Cut Self Not

Cut self not; To validate the life as whole; I would say; How splintered and locked away; ; Tired of sin; Here I am afraid; To set the ties and attain; Away; To be caught up in it somehow; Clean in yo...

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4. Sea Song

Made a case for; Three failed attempts in want; Save for the backlog; Hard field and green shack; Freefall; Down without a net; Who cares; Now, I know you well

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5. Song For Friends To Me

Flick the back the one’s that help to hold you; Then come again; Beat your head against you know we made you; You’ll fall again—you’re fucked; Change your crack and point out how it’s so hard; I sympa...

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6. Study In Complacency

Take the pill now; Makes you sane; Ruins the face-line; Like to care; Couldn’t sleep late; Couldn’t be on time if I tried; Obligation; Is a world that inviting when you can't control; I give in to pro...

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7. The Fourth Introduction

You sink to a re-breathe; Then to breathe in; Position ideology; With no substance; What’s in a word; Deserves new meaning; Terror flown high; Single file; Existence; For kid doing bom with open arms;...

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