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1. Alien Playground

This skin it fits me well; See how it's bronzed by this yellow sun; The taste, the touch, and the smell; It's easier when no one here lives long enough to bore me; I know somewhere out there; She's ca...

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2. Ballad Of Mary

Hey Mary are you still waiting? Has your "thunder road" come along and gone and left you praying? Your so called friends and the stories they tell; Don't really seem to fit you all that well; And anyw...

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3. Best Of Me

I don't think you're ever gonna need; To call me by my name anymore; And I don't think I'm ever gonna need; To be hanging around your door; And I know; When time gets the best of me; It won't matter a...

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4. Blown Away

Blown Away; Moving through a crowded room; Why do I always look for you; and I missing you again? Only sure that I'm never more; than not quite good enough; Here I am missing you again; I still rememb...

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5. Close To You

watching daybreak, chase shadows from you, as you cling to sleep; there's a moment in my world, when I don't want to breathe; just want to be silently close to you; I see myself as a hand me down, all...

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6. I Won't Share You Anymore

Show me all the pictures of your favorite things; Show me everything that you like; Show me all of the architecture; for all the buildings in your most favorite life; As if that would be enough to pro...

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7. Julianna

The promises you break; the dirty bed you make; and all your little tricks that are keeping me awake; Julianna Julianna; I am almost over you again; You come you go I'm dirty again; I don't know why, ...

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8. Listen

I'm hanging at the circle k; and I'm watching all the hip kids; Tripping on the car wash; and flipping me off today; "Hey man don't you want to see something new today?"; Hey wait now... ; As for mone...

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9. Nervous (Why Am I Shaking)

It loves to keep you on your knees; Begging baby, baby please; I reek of the scent of a sinner; I breathe the ache to be in you again; And it's just not enough; There's a kliller in the court tonight;...

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10. Piggy

Hush my little piggy now, don't you cry; Momma's gonna buy you a brand new lie; As the will gets weaker and the debt grows deeper; Deep down, I think I might be catching on; Be still my little piggy n...

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11. Put Me On Your Mix Tape

Hang me in your dorm room; Paint me on shampoo bottles and; Place me in plastic happy meals; Then give me away; New face, same old cd; Safe smack for easy deities; I'm blessed with blame; I'm giving i...

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12. Skin Suit

Shame and her sister; Wrap four legs around me; In ribbons and bows; I make the most peculiar package; What if I was the one; Who got carried away; What if everything was my fault; Well...the spirit i...

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13. Trip Through You

I am so tired;; Bone scratched and empty too; Always I have waited; But I've never known such wonder; Trace me in gray; Cold comfort, and hollow brow; Black winged bird, carry me away; I've known no s...

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