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1. Left Standing

There were days when I thought I´d never measure up. The days we´d see a change, seemed so far away. Yesterday what felt so out of reach, now lies in our hands. It´s up to us. We´re the ones left stan...

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2. Look Ahead

What happened to these times. It seemed like only yesterdayI was skating with my friends, living without care. I hold the same ideals so tight, but things have changed. I won´t let go of these dreams ...

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3. Made My Choice

Everyday it becomes more clear. where i stand and why i´m here everyday i find another reason to see this through. I am sick of kids who sit back and watch their lives slip through the cracks, too afr...

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4. Same Mistake

So while I'm turning in my sheets; And once again, I cannot sleep; Walk out the door and up the street; Look at the stars beneath my feet; Remember rights that I did wrong; So here I go; Hello, hello;...

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5. What's It Worth

It used to mean so much more to try, to keep this together.Now it´s gone. The days when you cared are fucking through. And all the words I thought I´d never hear from you, they only mean one thing...y...

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6. You'll Never Change

You ruined this with no regret and this time it cut so deep, so many times I´ve ended up in this place. It never mattered, you used a friends to lose a friend. And now I know...This is the end. Maybe ...

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