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1. Between Days

It's hard to know; Which way to go; Come and find me, come and find me; She's dressed for snow; In your winter coat; Through the slight breeze, through the slight breeze; The city sleeps; With autum l...

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2. Blue

Last night the rain blew down; I called you up with no answer; It's all a waste of time; I've wanted this since forever; But I don't know; It's not the way I thought; I tried for you to see; But you'l...

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3. Finding My Way Home

Break from this; Three days since I've gone; Fallen out of place; Lay down by the lake house I grew on; Time takes on her age; Step back, rebuild; All the damage has been done; I could find my strengt...

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4. Let's Go Outside

I can feel it in a moment; Just let the words trickle out; Force my head into the morning; I don't know what I have but doubt; Seems to find its way; Force my eyes into the pictures; Lets go out and f...

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5. The Place

Talking; I know nothing; Stay in my head; Stay on your bed; I fought; It out; Bargained with the price; All of your advice; On hold, on hold; I know what to say; I'll go, I'll go; To my unknown place;...

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