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1. Break Down

what's your excuse now? on bought time; it's all mine; you know you get what you pay for; vulgar scenes; shattered dreams; you know the consequence is killing you; youre heading for; break; you're gon...

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2. Competition

it gets out; feeling slow; watching; everyone is passing by; and im still here; is this worth; all the stress and come around; cuz im still down; everything is so confusing; competition swallows me; f...

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3. Genny

there is something that i'd like to say; but i'm running in my brain; and my mouth is stuck on walk; there is one thing that is true; that i fell in love with you; and that's alright; i can't sleep at...

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4. Good Old Times

is this the first part; or is it coming back; to the worst part; it's a matter of fact; it's bad this time; why can't you figure it out; it's dead this time; it's all worn out; whatever happened to th...

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5. Hero

i want to be your real life superstar; i think i've told you once before; line them up; bring them in; wear me out to entertain you; i wanna be the hero that you set your eyes upon; build me up to tea...

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6. Pulp Fiction

laying on the floor; i've been here once before; and i'm not proud of it; misery comes today; it's coming back my way; and i want it to leave me; doubtful you are the people; where your anger run your...

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7. Run Around My Head

sit around as you run around my head; i can't sleep at night; it's getting late so send the children off to bed; i can't sleep at night; i know you; you know me; but it's over now and that's the way i...

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8. Shut Your Mouth

i said you lie said you lie; i've heard enough for; i said you lie said you lie; why dont you shut your mouth; i couldn't feel; so was it real; and i said you lie; why don't you shut your mouth; there...

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9. The Other Side

i was twenty; and you were thirty two; thank god you had the patience to deal with me; you were my hero; and i was hyperactive; but you didn't seem to mind that much; and it's so often; i think of you...

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10. Time Will Only Tell

I feel; my time is coming and i'm not so sure if i've already been here; too late; the time has passed by and im not so sure what i should fear; disappointment takes it toll; when you're getting older...

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