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1. Accidentally In Love

So she said what's the problem baby; What's the problem I don't know; Well maybe I'm in love (love); Think about it every time; I think about it; Can't stop thinking 'bout it; How much longer will it ...

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2. Alexander The Great

"My son, ask for thyself another kingdom, For that which I leave is to small for thee."; Near to the East, in a part of ancient Greece, In an ancient land called Macedonia, Was born a son to Philip of...

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3. Brave New World

Dying Swans twisted wings; Beauty not needed here; Lost my love, lost my life; In this garden of fear; I have seen many things; In a lifetime alone; Mother love is no more; Bring this savage back home...

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4. Eu Te Quero Só Pra Mim

Queria agradecer a presença de todos vocês; O que mais quero é te dar um beijo; E o seu corpo acariciar; Você bem sabe que eu te desejo, está escrito no meu olhar; O teu sorriso é um paraíso onde cont...

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5. Frijolero

Yo ya estoy hasta la madre; De que me pongan sombrero; Escuche entonces cuando digo; No me llames frijolero; De que exista algun respeto; No metamos las narices; Nunca inflamos la moneda; Haciendo Gue...

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6. Get Tha Fortune

Yeah; Word up; Niggas is out there frontin; Tryin to get the fame; Niggas need to be gettin the money; [ Ja Rule ]; Don't risk it, Ja Rule's known for makin fat shit; Fully-loaded clip, usin wax for t...

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7. It's Over Now

Aqui estamos com a menina mais bonita que a Juliana Paes!!!Fernanda suba ao palco!!! What kind of love have you got; You should be home but you’re not; I don’t wanna believe that it’s over now; I coul...

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8. Let's Get It Started

Lets get it here; Runnin runnin and runnin runnin and runnin runnin and runnin; In this context, there's no disrespect; So when I bust my rhyme; You break yo necks; We got 5 minutes for t...

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9. Mr. Jones

Essa a gente ensaio no momento de doidera; Sha la la la la la la..... hmm, uh huh... ; I was down at the New Amsterdam staring at this yellow-haired; girl; Mr. Jones strikes up a conversation with a b...

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10. Shiver

You build me up; You knock me down; Provoke a smile; And make me frown; You are the queen of runaround; You know it's true; You chew me up; And spit me out; Enjoy the taste; I leave in your mouth; You...

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