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1. Alone

Something soft plays in my mind; Feels so high, I'm not surprised; That I end up paralyzed; Feel better off alone; I'm better off alone; I'm better; All I do is wrong; The way you hold me; I fall down...

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2. Fun

Yeah; Yeah; Tired eyes and midnight jives; Lost but we know we're found; On the mission with no decision; Feet too far from the ground; And how could it be wrong; When it feels right? Watch us going w...

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3. I'll Follow

I know you've read between the lines; I don't want to fight this; I like this; I shut you out a thousand times; Almost can't describe it; When we kiss; Colors ignite, I'm flying tonight; God, I just c...

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4. Set Me On Fire

I've got a really, and ashes; I've got a feeling no one's coming after; Burned out to the core; So the other leave me alone; I've got a meaning nobody else can own it; I've got a needing into the wind...

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