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1. Boom

I am the best there is; I'm fan_3 and I handle my biz; I'm not universally known; But I'm known to leave the speakers blown; See, I gotta get it pumpin'; You know how we do it; My parents be like; "Tu...

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2. Broken Home

This chick goes to school; In her brand new Benz; It’s filled with her friends; But when the day ends its, it’s colder; She just found out her parent’s marriage is over; She’s supposed to understand, ...

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3. Digits

(yeah); Hey-Whats Up-Hey; Just In Case; Cheak My Pace; I rock this place; So I'm in your face; Cause I got what it takes; I wanna see you back up; Don't clean your act up; Walkin' like I own it; Now I...

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4. Geek Love (Oh My Gosh)

Ooh, Oh my gosh, oh gosh; Ooh, oh my gosh, oh gosh; With his converse tied real tight; He might just be my boy always for all days; The first one I've known to get straight A's; And appear in everyone...

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5. Hey Boy

I'm Fan_3 better be sure where to find me (where); I'm at the club with my girls right behind me; personality infectious one look can be blinding; give me a beat, give a seat, now let me just see you ...

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6. I Love Christmas

The First Day Of Christmas Was Pretty Sweet; Got New Clothes From My Head To My Feet; The Second Was Even Better Then The First; I Got A New Phone With Cool Ring tones; On The 3rd Came A Cool New Bag;...

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7. It's A Small World

[Chorus:]; Its a small world after all; Its fan; Its fan you know what the name is; Spitting rhymes you know what the game is; I goy some stuff I wanna bring up; I have an album on the way; Just need ...

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8. Ray-ray

Verse1:; This is like_5; I'm sayin' hi; I'm at the spot; wit my boys right beside; it get sexy and hot when you see us comin'; give me a tone; give me a grove; now let me just see you move; while I'm ...

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9. School Blues

Verse1:; This boy goes to school in a bus so yellow; he knows when he gets there it's goin' to be mello; cause he knew; he had to take another day of school; oh how sad in true; his parents say that s...

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10. Smart Choice

Verse1:; Wit her ponytail real tight she might; could just be in my mind for a boy named like_5; first girl I know to get A's in the classes; and she threw away there goofy glasses; she's the kind of ...

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11. What They Gonna Think

Rap so everybody pot your hands together and clap. You rememebr the good ol days back in school. When you tried your hardest to ceep your cool; Around that person that you always liked and you heard; ...

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