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1. 93's Ok J


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2. A Song For Me

I was waiting, I was singing; I was standing patiently; Who would wait this long for me; Who's gonna sing a song for me; I was smiling, I was walking; Open mind to open miles; Who will crack me a croo...

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3. Between Blue and Me

Road maps revive an old story; Showing the distance from you; Look to the sea; Between blue and me; And it's you; And though there are words we're exchanging; When will I see you again; It's been a ye...

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4. Burlesque

Rolling and tumbling ain't done me no harm; Gonna boogie my night all away; Rita and Greta been twisting my arm into; Heading out west; Down to the Burlesque; Saving my ace through to you; Well, drink...

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5. Children

Children can you laugh me; All your young life's meaning; Playing, as you do I feel that the truth; It's in you; Young girl in your sparkle; Well I can see some beauty; Growing as you do, I see that t...

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6. Crinkley Grin


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7. Drowned In Wine

After the turn you finally leam to play along; Your feelings and blind; so you don't really mind if it's right îr wrong; Fall in line; No they won't let it stand on the back of their hand; Won't take ...

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8. Good News-Bad News

What is the point; You'll never win; We're up at your throats; Before you begin; Closing your ears to other men's views; Change for the good, would not bring bad news; Turning your heads; Away from th...

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9. Hey - Let It Rock

Light up a candle, think about flame; Hang out the washing, think about rain; Look at the doormat to see if there's post; Nothing for breakfast, just tea and cold toast; Thinking of everyday things; E...

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10. Holding The Compass

Many a time I'll point to a sign; Which way to go, maybe I'll know; If the wind doesn't blow the words around; to different ground; Whoever you are, just pick out a star; To shine your light, the thin...

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11. In My Own Time

Lay down easy, stars in my eyes; Try not telling too many lies; Wake up feeling not foolish or wise; And life goes with me, no matter what size; Now some seek Jesus, of flags they can wave; Won't touc...

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12. Larf and Sing

Love begins to write a book across my face; The stories that are me, the views I hold; For years our love began to turn into a race; And I resign myself to growing old; That's why we all larf and sing...

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13. Love Is a Sleeper

Love is a sleeper locked in a room; Waiting for someone to waken it; Holding a key for a heart that's immune; Frightened it's not really making it; But sooner or later it feels through the cold; All t...

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14. Me My Friend

Me my friend, I have seen many lands; Me my friend; I have been far and wide; I have sailed many a tide; I have rolled many a ride; But I wish, me my friend; I could sail to the stars; Have the gift t...

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15. No Mule's Fool

A dusty day in this old town; A hazy yellow eye looks down; A buzzing bee's the only lazy sound; I take grass, he hits the hay; The two of us drift through the day; A butterfly, a sigh, and it's flick...

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16. Observations From a Hill

Chimney tops, roof tops, higher than tree tops; I stood there on a hill; Sky blue, slate blue, cold as the wind blew; Leaves that never stay still; Buildings jagged and clustered; I remained unfluster...

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17. Old Songs New Songs

Fire is on, I'm getting warm; My girl here, she lies sleeping; The other door slips ajar and it's my wife; She's been peeping; While I've been leaping; High grey stone walls, they all; They all surrou...

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18. Part Of The Load

Got here this morning; Leaving on saturday; Two nights in boston; And we're out on the road again; While part of yourself; Stays with friends that you've made; Rolling the highways; Living the way we ...

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19. Sat'd'y Barfly

Well I was downtown cruisin'; In my low slung cat; Diamond pin and a funky hat; Mohair suit and new white spats; Spot a juke joint blastin' and I cut my boost; Well it's sat'd'y night and I'm hanging ...

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20. Save Some For Thee

Took my life slower; So as not to fall over, no; There's living for free; I'm going to save some for thee; I'm going to save some for thee; Each day I try harder; To say what I'm thinking, yeah; I kno...

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21. Some Poor Soul

Moon soaked sky looks down; Giving what it has to give; Crack of twigs many be poachers; A poor soul ain't got long to live; Rustle and a crackle; And a rattle with a shuffle; Oh you listen to the scu...

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22. Spanish Tide

Slowly watch the tide turn; Far too late then we learn; There are only stars that are burning; Then, quietly the room folds into two; As mirror and window hold the view; Bright on all sides, holding t...

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23. Strange Band

Dog and his master, took out together; Heading due west, away from the east; Walking the road, leading a blind man; Staff in his hadn, and a dog that could see; Strange looking band were we; Man and h...

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24. Take Your Partners

God knows I'm hip; But I ain't yours or his; Everybody's arse is up for kicks; Every critic thinks he's cool; Man and word a criss cross jewel; But me I got my own little rules; One for you, one for m...

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25. The Chase

Ah... ah... ah; What is it now; There's something I see in your face; Feel like a fox; Hounds close at heels at the chase; Do I see blood in your eyes, babe? Is it the end of the race? Ah... ah... ah;...

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