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1. Endings

Reocurring feelings tell me I'm wrong; Nothing worse than believing, it's easier to just move on. Surrounding nothing with arms that needed so much more; Still there is something that both of us are s...

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2. I Know

Take away my fears; Just so I can face another day; Wash away my tears; And tell me everything's gonna be ok; Would you lie to me; Would you cover up my eyes; Would you tell me so I'm not so surprised...

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3. Learn To Love Again

Constant yearning, constant pain; For you I hunger, for you I remain; But all I wanted was your time; But what you gave me wasn't enough; Well I can't learn to live this way; If you turn and walk away...

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4. Leaving

Seems a little bit odd when you think how you're talking about the way he used to; Certain things that you did when you were with him but now with me or are you; Looking for a purpose in the time you ...

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5. Miss You

I needed someone to be here all along; Not any time in between; I must have waited but the hours of bliss; Were hours I've never seen; One lie could end it all; This breath could be our last one; It s...

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6. Not Waiting For Goodbye

You reached the line you are now crossing; And why I continue I'm not sure; But I shared all that I have with you; And now I carry the cross of you; And why should I wait for you now? Why should I wai...

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7. On My Own

Well I can see you looking; Over my direction; Thought it was a good thing; I guess I was wrong; You don't wanna hurt me; You don't wanna bring me down; You just wanna scold me; Just because someone e...

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8. Place of You

Somehow I knew, these familiar places, that I had been before; I thought I'd run, to escape feelings that I had felt before; No one can take me anywhere like you; Nobody else is you. ; And how will I ...

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9. The Question

I Love you so she says; As she stops her thoughts and turns her head; I guess I am not supposed to care. Well I'm no good, I don't belong. I don't know how I made it this far alone. I should not be he...

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10. Too Late

Too much like everybody else, you let me fall to my knees again; We can't pretend it's alright, to make it through another night; All this is happening too fast, she said she knew we wouldn't last; An...

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11. Waiting

Sunrise creeping through my window; Thought that I could make it on my own; But sometimes I miss you; Sometimes I know that I was wrong; Somehow I was made for you; But has it been too long; Sometimes...

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