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1. These Are My Children

In times of trouble; When all the worl seems, oh, so dark, and I can't find a way to cope, When deep inside me; I can no longer feel the spark, And I can see no ray of hope; when I am lost, What makes...

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2. Think Of Meryl Streep

Think of how to use it, use it on the stage; Think of Glenda Jackson, think of Gerry Page, Think of all the feelings wasted on this creep; Think of how to use them... Think of Meryl Streep! why should...

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3. Tyrone's Rap

Don't need no rich bitch, to tell me which; Fork to use, i paid my dues; In a rap-trap building called new york; Livin' off beans, greens, and pork; In a basement, tenement, ; No one's got to tell me ...

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