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1. Art Of Choke

And again it repeats all over; In a scene that reminds me; Of a man that wont counter swing no; His way back to the brilliant golden belt; And now he's standing on the ledge; Remembering whats left in...

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2. Original Negative

Loudly I'll make a selection and choose my direction towards; Nowhere, what can I say about being lost? Its rooted right through my bones through my skeletal; Until delusional is set free; So open up ...

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3. Outtervention

Don't run and hide; Just take a step outside and watch these flares erupt your eyes; Cause I would rather ride a kite attached to the sky; Then to wonder in the middle of your mind; I'm a simple man w...

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4. Pedxing

What happened to the children; What happened to the kids on the swings; What happened to the good old days? What happened to us? Oh I know you're standing there all alone; In the corner by yourself sc...

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5. Runnin Low On High

Inside we go floating through my veins; A chemical reaction instantaneously; With options to provoke so gently even though I know its you; That comforts me free; (in the middle of a spinning light); A...

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6. Sweet Blasphemy

These are just words that linger in your mind; So expressive and eager; Its just the human kind; In verbatim we speak; And our choices repeat; Carry on the secret carry on; Can you keep a secret maybe...

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7. The Solicitor

You've taken from me; More that I've given; And now I'm desolate with sin; Selfish water is all I see; And I know I'll understand; As the time arrived; I felt victim to your indigenous; Ways of scheme...

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