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1. Alone With You

I could lay here forever alone with you; i could lay here forever alone with you

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2. Alpha Incident

Deliver us unto the sea of life; The succession of elder insurrection; All, the intricate functions be alive; Bio-mechanical installation; Failure of the alpha phenotypes; The alpha-incipient brought ...

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3. Ancient Dialethic

Descendant from the divine lineage of the gods; A bloodline of merovingian origin; For the powers of thy father have all but gone stale; Awaken from dormancy I will be thy wrath; Manifest I will the a...

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4. Assemblage Of Wolf

Assemblage; A Servant of the horns; The oracle of truth and immortality; A shadow in our native land speaks a viper's tongue; And hears a sigil unfamiliar; The ghosts whisper their locations of falseh...

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5. Become One

By the guidance of the stars; I am reborn; Said to beborn alive; Become one with the source of flourishment; Complex is acceptance of death; Conjuring my spirit forms. The devil becomes that of primit...

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6. Carved From Stone

Drenched in sweat and caged in the steel; fall from grace temptress surreal; skin carved from stone; the lust inside her bones; a damsel so content; the child of excess; her skin in my control; ignite...

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7. Chemical Cave

This toxic haze, dream the night away; this chemical cave stole these nights away from us; and everyone who could pull you through

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8. Enslaved Eternal Phenomenon

I generate my infinite form; Become that of primitive worlds; Cursed into the shackles of intellect; Flourished in the time of that which is formless; Born not of the earth; Possession of native flesh...

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9. Hallucination

A breeding of coercion; Swarming hallucination; And the future of eden overgrows; Formation of material hatched from organic creation; Incubating the warmth of it's core for the earth reborn; Atmosphe...

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10. Leper Colony

Invisible; Invisible hand; Strike hunger and fear; Give power through divine intervention; Merciful, merciful god; Honor thy covenant, suffer the repercussion; Serpent entwine; Entwine the dark influe...

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11. Levitation

Drift out of sight; out of my mind; no hope; we need more time; I need more time; scathing, breathing; for too long alone; dreaming deeply; far from home; will you levitate with me; face to face; our ...

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12. Prison Of The Mind

Hold mastership; Harvested sight and perception; Fallen slave to hypnosis; Shapeless genesis; Allegory of; The cave; Darkness procreate; Uliminated silhouettes; My god; Born in fire; Legend allegorica...

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13. Ritual Of Godflesh

Into eternity reborn, are those sacrificed to the gods. ; Rid of the flesh god as delivered unto; It's vulagarities conjure on the 5 points of summoning; In the relics of the past is it's banner uphel...

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14. Sapphire

I've wanted this all along; a concrete beating heart; a landscape I can bleed up-on; this dark city my breeding ground; nails within the darkened sand; artificial light ascends; clarity of vision brea...

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15. Slave Race

Implantation of the mass; Infrastructure of subjugated slave race; Illuminated ones; Master race worship; Spitting tongues to those with facile minds; Breeding a, new generation through indoctrination...

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16. Starlit Path

Do you watch us in the dark; do you see us in the night; we walk in the night; our starlights aligned; gathering, faith inside; the fear inside your bones reclaims its grasp; my ignited stars align; i...

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17. The Flesh Prevails

Once you were not; lost or afraid of that which may come; you're lost; this is real now; you're weaker now; but you're alive; this night revealed the things you love; lost on the path misunderstood

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18. The Night Reveals

My day and now night have coalesced; each time the same as the last; my fears personified here; as testament of recklessness; tainted soul regained in whole; in comatose I lose control; brace for, all...

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