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1. Human, Conditional

A sweat drop; Runs down my skin; My breath; As heavy as my heart; This nightly dance; Gives us a chance; To know; To know a love so sacred; A breeze rolls in our room; Our condition is; A mission; Of ...

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2. Make Up Your Mind

Oh you poor sick trembling little baby; Got your signals crossed a little maybe; Hun don’t you know he’s gonna kill you completely; Second last time I bail your ass out of this mess; I see what’s goin...

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3. Rio de Janeiro

Let me tell ya little story about; A trip to a foreign land where; Miles and miles of sandy beaches; Where a love can blossom or die; Let me tell you it’s a sad one where there; Are things said and fo...

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4. Tales From The Fourth Floor

I feel half the time I need to lose it all; Start from nothing and pick up all the shame; Deeply sinned; Deeply grinning; At the lechery; Of you but; You're a mockery of what a man should be; Can't be...

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