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1. Beyond Embers & The Earth

As I walk amongst these stones; Underneath the frozen sun; Shadows consume all of my hope; It's where I belong; As tears drop like falling snow; I wander into the unknown; Following the voice of the b...

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2. The Carrying Light

When I fade away; My sorrow will pierce the earth; Like a wound inflicted upon these roots; I'm a ghost; Searching for a truth I may never find; When I arise from this grave; The light will be my sola...

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3. To Walk Amongst The Dead

The stars fall asleep behind a tired sun; Memories from another world grasp my dying spirit; I see the faint glimmer of your face; Take my hand; Let me travel with you through twilight once again; In ...

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4. We Are Gathering Dust

Breathe in silence; We won't pray; Time can't heal us; We will wither and decay; When the sullen voices cry; Dust will settle; We're an echo of a past some deny; If your vision of truth; Is dressed up...

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5. Where We Believe

In our hearts a flame was born; We felt its sacred warmth; It seemed like we had drifted outside life; And the longer that it stayed; We couldn't even tell; Our visions had become a diluted dream; If ...

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