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1. Desperate

If you have a problem,I'm your friend; You know you can blame,It's not a shame; It's a trauma baby,But you are crazy; Where is the beauty,It's Amy; Listen to me,I'm desperate; Listen to me,I'm a lame;...

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2. Enola

Look at her without a tear; The reality is sincere; Like a beautiful Falling Girl; She can't fly like a bird; She's alone,alone in her world; Take her hand,she falls in a hole; Open your eyes and your...

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3. Fast Meeting

Blond or brown,i don't care; But sexy blond ass,i prefer; You will lead me,by your voice; I want to hold you,like a god; Fuck you oh yeah; Fuck you oh yeah; Don't be shy,come with me; It's just a litt...

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4. Horizon

Today my tear are pouring; But not for you; I stay,i'm not evolving; I've found my crew; What is good for my reason; When the sea is so lonesome; And your heart was broken; Look at the horizon; Tonigh...

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5. Santocha

(Hey!) You can look at me now; (Hey!) i did the worst and here i'm on; (Hey!) this place enjoying my life (Enjoying my life!); (Yeah!) My nose in the sand; (Yeah!) my feet in the sea; (Yeah!) a drink ...

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6. Seem Happy

I don't believe in me; I want to stay at home; Lies in my dreams; It's a closed room; Sometimes i burn; I am not a hero; With my open eyes; I'm out of control; Where's the hope; Where's the hope; Wher...

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7. Spirit Of My Dreams

Do you pray for us , Praying for my darkness; Do you think of me , Thinking for eternity; I don't know if you love me; But all that i can see; I only get my desires when i fall asleep; I don't know if...

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8. Sweet Candy

I would like to see you again; I would like to clean my problems; I need to forget my pain; You know you're my best friend; Look at the sky,Remember my face; Look at the stars,Remember my name; Come t...

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9. Teenage

It's for you; Listen to me; I want to speak with you; Really listen to me; I'm okay; My body is cold; I'm so weedy; I'm in love and I'm alone; But I'm happy; I'm okay; I love you but I hate you; I hat...

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10. The Otherside

I don't care of what you think; But sometimes i can admit; Music is the devil's orgasm; I listen to it and i fantasm; I want to be on the otherside; I want to see another sunshine; I want to see anoth...

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