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1. Bruised And Stained

up and up; around and around; everyday seem my mood is down; i might be here but my mind´s away; i´m always tryng to find a better way; to escape the pain i keeo inside; to escape the pai i try to hid...

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2. Donward Spiral

i´m falling deep; in the darkest pit; i am the body; the targest to hit; i´m falling deep; and i just don´t care; i´m drowning; in my worst nightmare; i fell so deep,as deep as i could get; just need ...

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3. Mean

look into my eyes; what you will see; is a big surprise; tell me something; that´s wrong for you; and i will tell you if that; is wrong for me too; cause, all depends; of the way you see, and the sun ...

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4. The Fall

your not an angel; 'couse you've got no wings; you cannot fly; without a lot of strings; your not a god; 'couse you're real; can you believe; in what was so unreal; why were you so sure... that your k...

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