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1. Eyes Of Deprivation

Broke the hand that feeds me; To starve myself for the truth; Unwrap my wound; To bring this pain to the surface; Sinking to abrasion; Grinding down the skin; The blood can hit the floor now; That I h...

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2. Fall Of Mankind

Awake to this nightmare; Blind Leading the Blind; Grab wings of despair; Downfall of mankind; To cast our shadows; Worlds will collide; Days of reckoning; Death is sublime; Murdering race; Nations dis...

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3. Far Beyond The Dark

Advancing through the stages of decay, the pieces rot; No longer hope for preservation; It seems the earth has had its fucking way with me; Leaving only fraying threads of contention; Decomposing fles...

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4. Infestation

Stepping, Cracking shells; Crawling on your back; Massing an attack; Strength in numbers; Crowds are gathering; Streets are blackening; Cries pass by unheard; No use for words; There is nothing beneat...

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5. New God

Cross the line for eternal sin; I am the evil that lives within; Your fucking head give me your soul; I'll give new life give all control; Do what you want do as you please; Don't live this life of mi...

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6. Purgatory

A mans soul divided into two; World left in ruins; Black and white dimensions; Running from reflections; Questions with no answers; Uncontrolled mind; Chaos runs wild; Drawn closer to death; Eulogy im...

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7. The Goodnight Prayer

Move into darkness; Look upon dead eyes; Time stands still; For tormented cries; The goodnight prayer; Catches the nightmare; Forsake all faith; Heaven is not out there; For sacrificial suicide; The b...

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