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1. Alone

You walk so proud; But the pride flows through you; From your company; So world renowned; This romance born of hard times; Across the sea; And I'm lonely; I set myself up for this fall; By letting mys...

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2. Disenchanted

It's getting harder to find my way home; 'Cos I'm burning my bridges; I'm treading this path alone; I know I'll break through if I just have; A little bit of luck; A little control; It's getting harde...

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3. Drifting

(I feel you drifting away); (I feel you drifting away); One step too far; I'm in suffering; So close to giving in oh; So tell me I'm wrong; Tell me I'm wrong; You'll never know; What you mean to me; O...

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4. From The Outside, Looking In

Take no more; Don't you know that; We've been hiding in these shells for much too long? What's in store; For this industry; So quietly resisting all these flaws? With our will we will succeed; We'll m...

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5. Halo

I've seen the vultures circle overhead; And I thought nothing more of it; I've seen the angels line up at your door; I wasn't scared when they asked for more; Of what I knew deep down; You didn't have...

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6. Living With The Pain

Into the path that I am taking in my life; Is conducted when I try to sleep; Or even shut my eyes; True burdens guilt and fear; Condemn the recent and the end; Another bridge to cross; Another obstacl...

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7. One Chance

Sleeping I can see you hoping; That the things you're dreaming of at night; Will fall together slowly; Piece by piece when you turn out the light; Is fading from your future; Efforts never made you li...

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8. Playing With Fire

You made up your mind; You decided to reject us; Failed to respect us; Or give us the chance; To be people that you wanted; As friends to flaunt with; When did you think that your looks and your ego; ...

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9. Razor's Edge

These days; Hurt more than they ever did; With no hope; Nothing left to inspire this; And I'm torn; Between the boy and the man in me; And I've learned; The middle ground is just apathy; On this razor...

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10. Transitions I - Realisation

We try to separate; Ourselves from what we've made; We live an honest life; We can't go back in time; We try to justify; Our self-entrapping style; We're born with boundless minds; We feel the stress;...

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11. Worth Fighting For

Fear from nowhere; Your fickle heart it smothers; Mental warfare; Your power like no other; End this nightmare; These iron bars confine me; And I can't seem to shake this sinking feeling; So I'll writ...

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