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1. Always Loving You

You are so hurted; But you can't see your own blood; Some Feelings can be left behind; Since you have abandoned me; Tears are falling down from the sky; I must continue on my journey; But without you ...

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2. Give Me The Back Again

I always wanted to understand; What a life I wanted to say; But not included; When you receive the promise that the world is; But not receiving ... ; I think I; In a way, in a way; To win, something t...

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3. Glad You're Gone

INTRO; Ain't comin back (back back); It took some time (time time); For me to realize (-lize, -lize); You're not the one (Not the one); I was afraid (-fraid, -fraid); Tears stain my face (face, face);...

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4. Obsessed

There's no reason why I can't stop now; No explanation why I'm under this spell; Can't seem to shake, can't seem to break my new habit; I wonder if I am closer, closer to hell; I have found a new beli...

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5. Who Can You Trust

Oh, yeah, woah, who can you trust? Trust! Eyes on the back of your hair; Always awake and aware; Watching the movements around us; Building a fortress of stone; Protected from evil; Nobody will ever g...

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