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1. Condition Response

Sound the bells; I'm coming home; As far as I can tell; I'm not alone; I'm sick and tired of all the chasing; wasting days into blur; til i can't remember; Are we ever really gonna be all the things e...

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2. I Can't Get You

This is the last time that i'll; try to figure out; How to make; this alright. I've seen this all; before. Lets drive to a new and; better place; I wanna make you; mine but its just to hard to; face. ...

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3. I Tried

Meet me on a sunday when; I'm open to the thought; Of maybe breathing in your oxygen; Considering our past again; Don't forget to bring up all; The things that you've been saving; In the shoebox on yo...

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4. Kids

Push me out, let you win when you feel good; Turn me on, leave me dry on our last goodbye; Hanging on, hoping for you to see me; What I want wanting you? I can't help, but try; But you; You're afraid ...

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5. Losin' It

We've been talking from different; states; I've never laid my eyes on; a girl this way; All this time I; had looked away; Over and over I; kept playin it safe; Now this time; I won't run away; We've n...

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6. Numb

I took her around the evening; bay. She doesn't care what; morning brings while she lays with; me. And Every time I defend; myself, I end up pushing you away; a lifetime...Oh no. ; I started; to buy i...

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7. Safe

The fog has lifted; we're on a plane; and your imagination; can be so insane; The way you saw us crashing; going down in flames; But we landed, we landed... We're safe; When the earth started shaking ...

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8. Take Me Under

Back before you met me. Life was; out to get me; but i was too fast; to jump too high to hit the; ground. Now I'm at your; mercy... Common sense deserts; me; Every time and everywhere you; choose to c...

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9. The Best Thing

I want it, I need it, I have; it. Then I go and leave, I ditch; it, I trash it; and I know why I; miss it the moment i do it; its a; self fulfilling promise i made to; just destroy it. Or anything tha...

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10. Too Late

You can't tell me that you want this. You have to go and turn your back on em right now. I'm sorry but I can't do this again. You can't tell me that you're lonely; You can't tell me that I'm looking g...

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