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1. Revelation Of Love

This revelation; Of love makes me strong; In the believe; Where my heart should belong; I’ve been here before; I’ve stood by this floor; So my heart won the fight; To go find you tonight; I’m in love ...

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2. Shopping

My neighbour's got a; new espresso machine; I have to get one for; my kitchen scene; I placing an order for; all I see; Beat my best friend's; LCD TV; One more car just; add to my loan; Vote in realit...

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3. Spending My Days

I have my own account to spend; From day of birth until the end; Got 30 000 days to use; Decreased by one with no excuse; You wake me up with minus one; It's up to me to make things fun; There's no wa...

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4. Summer Night

Think you said it’s all; About give and take; Well that’s all fine with me; Cause I know you’re a fake; So please don’t ask me why now; No don’t you even try; Cause I won’t stick to you; And no one el...

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5. Take It Higher

Empty your cup; It’s time to wake up; Take a walk in the sun; This night will be fun; Gather with friends; Relations with no ends; We prepare at the pub; It’s time for the club; Take it; Take it highe...

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6. Where Angels Won't Cry

Once more dressed in green; In your entrance like a queen; You're waking up my mind; I'm the king to be your kind; A bird reminds from above; Once a year to fall in love; In advent of spring and life;...

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