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1. Cancer Of The Mind's Eye

Disorient the whirlwind, remove the color from within; The feasts of lines contort and bend as the await my dismay; Sirens blare, music shrewd, all fingers pointing at me; Sulfuric blood strokes the f...

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2. My Brother

My brother, in the young of aging; The stars with fading and the moon was drowning; A bitter wind to carry the scent; Of blood, of innocence, on the cooling air; A siren screaming to burry the sobs; O...

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3. The Surgery Of Necrotin

Depleted and dry, intoxicate mother earth, ripped and sewn with the blade of desire; Acid rains scorch the skies, sickened waters erode child and womb; The smoke pours thick, blackening the heavens, d...

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