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1. Agonies Be Thy Children

Amidst shadows of night I make myself a seer; To see the answer through the stream so clear; That flows by endless rows of nameless stones; Piled upon the tombs of the kings unknown; Agonies be thy ch...

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2. Atonement For The One

Hunting your shadow you've grown weary in your play; Lost your will to carry on, so; Drink from the cup that holds your fire; Anyhow, you've lost your rights to survive; Time's passed you and soon we'...

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3. Beneath The Burning Sun

Eyes barely open I wander this earth; I’m tired but I cannot sleep; Black sky that paints the stars of the end; Cries with me as I crawl; On this weary hour my wounds still bleed; And the battle rages...

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4. Black Magic Mushrooms

Prince of flowers; Shelters under his shade; The emergent godhead; Decayed leaves under my feet; A path that winds through rowan trees; Leads to a forlorn dale; Where the hollow spruce thrive; Amongst...

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5. Halls Of The Forgotten

In oblivion, the damned silently await; For they there's no hope no tomorrow; Darkness descends and it's too late; Left in the void and bound with sorrows; In halls of the forgotten; No prayers can en...

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6. Keep Wandering The Night

At night when the sacred hour is being mocked; Hoping to alleviate your misery you roam the concrete hell; Drifting through the blizzard, wondering how lonely you've become; And all the people you onc...

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7. Omen From The Sea

From still waters evolved a sentience crippled with fear; Through increasing turbulence rose a vehement thought; Of all the tribulations man has endured; Providence heralds our demise; Our era of logi...

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8. Sown Are The Seeds Of Doom

The tribes gather at the midst of dawn; Settling over where the line is drawn; Fear in their eyes they gaze through the mist; To a field where reason has ceased to exist; With blank staring eyes they ...

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9. The Grand Act

Vacant eyes gleaming with rejection; How much one can take until forgiven; Preaching to the pious congregation; Like throwing pearls before swine; Pawns shifting quietly between the extremities; Taint...

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10. The Pathway

A new day for the fallen; The end chosen; The Pathway is open; Mortal struggles collide with fear; Dawn of mourning is drawing near; Shades of the world are bleeding dry; Storm approaches, devours man...

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11. The Walk

Past the icons of earthly woes; to a place without weary throes; Thru the veil no man’s ever passed; Unfurled lies the faith in the last; Mob chanting before the feast; until The Tide is unleashed; Ea...

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12. Ungodly Thirteen

After nightfall, they all gather on the hills above; To celebrate the wicked deeds they've done; Franticly they dance, as screams cut the air; Offering a sacrifice as their master sits there; Men trem...

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