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1. A Long Silence

She promised me love; Eternally; The light of the world; Will soon leave me; Sick of her life and; The pain that it brings; She shoots herself dead; Right in front of me; Her blood stains my face; A l...

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2. A Mourner's Tears

Your life on this earth dissolves; ; As the tears; Of those around you fall; Despond and in mourning; You can hear the silence; Victim of a cruel; And senseless violence; ; We feel in us; Never-ending...

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3. Behind Vacant Eyes

A decrepit man intently stares; At the now calm lifeless horizon; While most of his memories no longer exist; There is one never fading; I was alive with youthful integrity; A cold december night; Acc...

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4. Breathe Deep The Cinders

Look into my eyes; And see all the pain; I slowly lose my mind; Drifting further away; I never could accept; The ways of the world; An outcast with regret; Destined to die alone; Born to suffer in the...

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5. Cascading Rivers of Black

The beauty of eternal darkness; Now spreads across this land; Changing our reality; The end of time has come for man; Barren wastelands; With nothing left alive; Withered vegetation; Where no light ev...

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6. Catharsis

This life is so unfair; And the world; Just doesn't care; This hurt I have inside; Has nowhere left to hide; Release from this prison; There is truly no reason; To go on in this hell; Cleanse the eart...

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7. Destructive Light Of Dawn

The earth you see; Resembles me; A cold and dark disturbing place; A world of god turned to disgrace; A new day has come; The suffering begun; The beauty you once knew is gone; Disappearing with the b...

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8. Drowning In Gray

I sit in my room; To contemplate; All the reasons why; Why am I here, why must I live; Through these grieving times; Overwhelmed by hurt; Deep inside my soul; A quick ending to this all; I lose my sel...

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9. Failure

How could I; Have been so blind? Success was meant for; The chosen ones in life; Not for me; The lies to myself must end; No reason to believe; Chorus; ; I knew that it was coming; But I did not prepa...

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10. Fallen Ways Of God

The tales He preached; They believed; Slaves of Christ; Are trapped within; A twisted web of His deceit; They pray, day to day; Though faith in their God; Is lost; Finding Christ; Is not the way; Coul...

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11. In The Shadows Of The Sun

The sun that shines; In the sky; Brings the world its warmth; And continues life; It starts each day; From deep in space; Though in the end; It will burn away; Pre-Chorus; We hide from the light; And ...

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12. Into Emptiness I Fall

I stand on the edge of life; Staring down; Into a sea of despair; Why did I even seem; To really care? Reflecting on my life; And what it once was; Recalling the glory; The peace, the joy, the love; C...

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13. No Hope Before Me

I’ve come to the end; Of my life in this time; The hope I once had; Is now gone and has died; I search for an ending; A quest – for the pain; I must endure forever, seemingly; My existence is bleak; O...

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14. Slowly Dying Inside

Why cant they; see the dark; inside of me, deep within me... ; They expect me to put; on a smiling face; They want me happy; but I cant lie; As I wipe away the tears; that stream down my face; The bea...

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15. Solar Journey

I stand alone now; In this ruined world; Desolation was caused; By futile wars; For those who fought; Are all dead and gone; Though constant battle; Has made me so very strong; As I take a look around...

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16. The Air Is Still

A great land; Once flourished with life; Once had shined so bright, Grows dim; Humanity, denied their; Only right to life, Has died; The earth, now just a shell; Of a world we once knew; Before it wit...

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17. The Catatonic

Why must I endure this strife; From the ignorance; In their minds; They believe that I am dead; That a smell of nothingness; Is left; One could not believe; What the catatonic sees; Through my eyes, I...

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18. The Fading Light

The light that burns within; Is the key to life; In all mankind; Though how will it last? An answer that they; Could never find; A flame once strong; Flickers in the breeze; Life as we know will end; ...

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19. This Paradise Crumbles

This life you lead; Seems to bring you; All the happiness you need; The ones you love; In your times of grief; The tears of joy; Stream from your eyes; From the peace that you feel; From the love insi...

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20. This Sanguine Farewell

My hands shake just like the fallen leaves; Dyed the color of my lover's blood; Sanguine ecstasy calls to me; Driven forth to desperate ends; Oh my love is newly dead; There's no path in front to trea...

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21. Vast But Desolate

The dawn breaks; From this peaceful sleep, I awake; I breathe the air; Enjoy the beauty of life; Without despair; The joy I feel, To be alive; Just seems to unreal; I make my way out; To face the worl...

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22. Veins Split Wide

The days are slowly; Passing by; Each new day; Is the end of life; Growing sick of all the lies; I hate myself, I just want to die; I feel so all alone; Locked inside my home; The visions that I see; ...

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23. Virga


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24. Wounded Skies


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