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1. An Angel's Last Prayer

Restless angels fallen; Divided by demons within; Lost in a world of hatred; Where god doesnt care anymore; Caught in a sacred balance; Deemed unworthy to you; I lived my life to the fullest; The only...

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2. Awaken Child

In my silence; Another day through the eyes of a man unveiled; Held in darkness; Its laughing; Can you see it; Always there never shown, never seen, never known; Can you feel it; Drawn from hell, to r...

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3. Black Rose

My black rose; Faded; The shadow shines through a beautiful face; Misguided deception; Tied with both evil and grace; This beauty bonded with virtue and sin; Look in the eyes; For a glimpse; Of a blac...

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4. Crown Of Thorns

Taste the bread of life-desacrated dreams; Breathe the air of night-I breathe it in it fills my chest; Innocence lies torn-as this halo burns; Wear this crown of thorns-forged by the sin of man; From ...

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5. Dawn Of A New Age

I stand, amidst the ashes of men. The world we knew, shall never return. Now soon, we will live again. Embracing the ancient ways, soon you will learn. To the ends of the earth; We run, from the fear ...

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6. Die For Me

Watching you bleed isnt good enough for me; Screaming on the floor another enemy; Pray for your life and beg for mercy; Never lie to me; Living your life as you die slowly; Killed by your pain and mis...

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7. End Draws Near

We in time, return to dust; Do you live, or are you lost? I cannot see the light now; The end of all life; The fall of time. The age of man will fall. The end draws near. A broken line. A time for all...

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8. Here's The Line

Traveling down this road again; State of mind is unclear, Im so lost; I cant find. I cant find the line; The ashes of a burning mind; Will burn to the end of time; The moonlit skies now reign; All tru...

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