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1. Dead End Street

Put this fence across your house. Get those men to guard your life. Shove the curtains lock the door check the ceiling check the floor. Check every single hole in your fucking palace. ; We'll be like ...

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2. Frustranger

Mass attack on your values, mass attack on their lack. Your eyes are false, your words are false, your hearts like stones. ; I'm gonna throw it all away THROW AWAY. I'm gonna throw it away THROW AWAY ...

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3. Godkillers

Sick tradition. slavery. Never released from the leash. They have too much to say while the others wish; They could open their mouth at least. ; Discrimination. Majority's regulations. ; Suck your own...

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4. In Colours

Everything is melted, everything is so confused. How to make decisions when there's so much to lose? Money keeps this world going on. How to survive not losing part of your own? Screaming, twisting, s...

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5. L.I.E.

I saw you in your fancy car in your fancy clothes ONE BIG LIE. From the twenty first floor you can see nothing at all. ; I saw you the other day I couldn't help GOING OTHER WAY. I don't want to be dea...

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6. The Last Call

THE LAST CALL TO SEE lies we swallow. We live a lie advertisements say we will never die; But we're already dead. Throw up this shit we've been fed with. ; I see living corpses I used to play with. I ...

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7. The Price Of Everything

Is this what I need? Is this what I want? Somewhere in my mind something that you've told. My eyes go through the words that you have written. My ears go through the songs you are singing. ; It's thic...

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