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1. Celestial

Throughout the ages I have seen; On little planets, creatures so obscene; Slowly evolving with a mind so deeply flawed; They cannot grasp reality; They call me god; You're a mistake that nature made; ...

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2. Glorious Evolution

Since the dawn of time; Mankind has sought a new design; A reason to continue on; In the face of all that's dead and gone; So I create, I invent; Though some claim it's a detriment; I only seek one cr...

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3. Hecarim

Muttering whispers into the night; Rumors of shadows fill all with fright; Thundering hooves, earth shattering; A vision of war tearing limb from limb; From the abyss, enigma of death; Who is this bea...

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4. This is War 1

Since a child I've hardened my will; Been honing my skill; I'm a visionary; Me and my brother; Missed the presence of a mother caring; The harder I fought; That I noticed my country's being buried; By...

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5. This is War 2

(Jinx); Look into my eyes try to see what I know; A twisted little journey through the path of psycho; A vivid premonition manifesting undigesting; The petty little trifles taught to adolescents conde...

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