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1. Black Crown

As I breath in the woods; I smell the blood of wolfs; I was born in the cradle of forest; I got my milk from the wolfs; And I dressed myself in the skin of bears; I ran free on the black rocks; Forest...

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2. Broken Stone

The ancient tale told me; That ravens hold the broken stone; And knights of mighty valleys; Protect that sacred amulet; It's time to walks to the ravenrocks; And set the poison free; I want to now the...

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3. Burning The Gates

We have broken the time of the old wisdom; Unscathed is no more the entrance of the kingdom; We ride to bring the legacy of heathens; Pagan might will rise as the golden arrow flies; Winds of North ar...

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4. Immortal Heroes

By building the bridge between two lands; They unite two folks to defender their people; By running their armies through the mighty valleys; They ride to the battle to spread the word; They show their...

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5. Journey In The Woods

Through the dark forest our army travelles; The snow glitters the moonlight as the trees cover; We grasp to the sword; Our fate will be shown; Once again we can fall until the gates are opened; I bend...

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6. Swordmaster Of The Dragonland

Long time ago I travelled to the forest; Where dragons and dwarfs were used to live; Oh, what I saw; The creatures united in to my mind; I met a man who told me that you can be forced by dragons; If y...

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7. The Ancient Tale

Once there was a warrior; Who has proudly fighted and conquered; Many times in his life he awaked from sleep; When he lost his left hand in his final battle; He fighted with only sword in the right ha...

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8. The Darkest Valleys Of Mist

Whole the land is soon in ruins; There is no remains of times; When the legions rode through the sky; Into the abyss I will dive; My fellows were exiled; From the land of the darkest side; I got the s...

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