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1. A man who says

I'm gonna tell a story, is all about; A man who says; Don't dream enough because it's all around; Am I fake? He told me I can't see the truth and lies; Are they the same? White, Black, Heaven, Hell; W...

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2. Fight For Another Day

When you have to face it away; don't just sit in a chair and pray; You gotta do what it takes it, man! Run away will not make you better; Stay and hide is not going bring the answers; You gotta do wha...

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3. In Any Life With Her

I wanna walk away on the summer; I wanna find a new way, my brother! I wanna feel the joy and love inside; I wanna try to find another way out; I wanna be a dreamer with my lover; Don't wanna see her ...

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4. Sin City

Today I find out; That everything I believed was wrong and nothing is like before; Alone in the darknight; Whispering fear in your eyes makes me wonder; How tomorrow will be? Oh; Nothing in this world...

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5. So! Where Is My Soul?

So Where is my Soul? Tomorrow I'll fight you; Anytime, Anyplace tell me where; You cross the line man; And I don't answer for me, I don't care! You spit in all things that I've done; You didn't get ye...

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