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1. Kill The Duchtman

Blood, screams and guns; The empire will fall; The death arrives; The problem is not that small...They; Will try again; One more bullet in your brain; Make your prayer and feel the pain; Chorus; Kill ...

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2. Obey or Die

Nobody sent you; To get into the nest of vipers; Now you come to... Beg to me; And you will pay for dirty; Fucking job; There is no time to suicide; Chorus; Look in my face; And decide his fate; Don't...

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3. Santa Claus Forgot Me

Where is he? Where does he lives? Where he was during; this year? Only lies; All the time; I lost my hope; Again; Pre chorus; The poor boy still waits; I know! Nobody wants to hear more of your lies; ...

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4. The Boss

Who is? This guy; Full of greed in his head; He wants; The power; And doesn't matter how much it cost; And now; It's better; Stay alert, wake up from the bed; Pre – chorus; You don't have a chance of ...

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