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1. A Piece Of Me

Long rides home on these country side roads, with you by my side we'd never grow old. Day turns to night as we gaze up at the stars. No one could wake us from this perfect dream of ours; and when I he...

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2. All Or Nothing

I know when he's been on your mind; That distant look is in your eyes; I thought with time you'd realize it's over, over; It's not the way I choose to live; And something somewhere's got to give; As s...

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3. Beep Beep Johnson's Pond

So nevermind the reasons; It's all about the leaving; I wish that i had know; I wish that i had acted; And if you ever find out why; We can't say goodbye; Chorus:; Don't forget me, After summer we won...

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4. Six Says From Sunday

We never mentioned this part; the first time you asked me to call; you didn't say you'd stop hanging out so soon; and i wish i wasn't such a bore; you never said it'd be this tough to forget that you ...

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5. Y Te Pergunto

hola me llamo lola; cabesa de jovo; mejor apostol; y segir diciendo; q vos es sangre; para que decir eso; si es un balde; si no me as escuchado; bueno lo siento; y se que t duele; pero mejor come coro...

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