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1. Afterlife

I can’t believe what I’ve heard; My passion has taken the final step; Over and over, I want to do the same; Join her in the next dimension; Peace, Sleep, Loneliness; I’m drowning in pain; in her eyes ...

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2. Alive

Your expectations have; taken us too far; I’m stumbling in shadows; I’m going to fall apart; You force me to kill and; you force me to die; But my last thoughts; you can't make me deny; You can take m...

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3. Believer

Who are you now and; what is your purpose; Your unfaithful dreams; are spinning around in circles; Your twisted visions; are filled with all your hate; Destroyed and buried; and gone with your lost fa...

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4. Bound To Illusions

I’m screaming for your help; - can anyone hear me; Why am I speechless; my words are empty; Life is my altar; death is my release; I cannot help it; what I have become; I see your sweet shadow; Oh God...

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5. Dispeled Dreams

A mindless talking creature; Look how they treat her; Can walk, eat, but not be; An illusion, nothing to see; Shadows feeding on my mind; I can not see, why am I blind; Seven different voices; Seven u...

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6. Fast I Fall

”Die, Die, Die, Die!”; I want to fucking die; Want to scream; Need to get it out; by bleeding and screaming; Throw stuff around me; Have to break it all; Get it out of my system; No more misery; Fast ...

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7. Fields Of Yesterday

”Storm of thoughts begins to; blow in my head; Behind the thunder lies; the tail of the dead; But there is a life; far from the exile; Try that wonderful thing; for a while”; The thoughts within your ...

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8. Human Torch

You see me, don’t ignore me; feel my pain; My wounds are bleeding; because of the main conflict; All this life to be myself; Every time ending up; hearing the bells; A pile of failing, it was a waste;...

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9. In Shadows Lies Utopia

Painting up an illusion the way; I want it to be; Creating my own paradise; - the only place where I; feel complete; Manipulated and forgotten; only remembered by my shadow; Reborn in a new dimension;...

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10. Pure Silence

Music: Judas/Aldgård; Lyrics: Nilsson/Judas; By my hand you shall die; I am your end, the last light; There’s no heaven; there’s no hell; Just a second in pure silence; Hear me now when; I am screamin...

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11. Stay Awake

What now, where am i now; I'm blind; I can't see the truth in my dreams; Am i crying; No more sweet happy endings; Your scream, a last cry for help; 1, 2 - he's coming for you; 3, 4 - better lock your...

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