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1. Broken

Verse I:; You’re beginning to respect every morning; Starting to connect all the bad times; Everyone around you, Remembers who you used to be; But I can’t take the scared look on your face; And nervou...

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2. Nothing

Verse I:; I guess I’ll commit, Like a chameleon; Yeah I could fit right in; Be something familiar…oh yeah; But I like the scent of my failure; It picks at me until I give in; Egging me on; While I tas...

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3. Silence

Verse I:; A window pane; The driving rain; It’s all a part of a bigger thing; It just takes the right imagination; But something inside me; Is giving way; Timing is everything I find; Chorus:; I’ll ma...

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4. The End Of Days

Hey man, where you going ? You’ve been walking for a long time; Rest up, the future’s starting; Wait a minute I forgot my gun; Another day, without any rhyme or reason; I can’t take the way that you’r...

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