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1. C.d.s

Deadly substance has you out of control; Just one more step and you're six feet in a hole; Cripples your body and destroys your head; C.D.S. will leave you maimed or dead; Play the game and lets see w...

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2. Darkside

It was the birth of my darkside; Uncertainty in the air; Wanting to take a chance; Suppress my fear of the dare; I choose to live a life of pain; Refuse - instead I live insane; [Chorus:]; Darkside - ...

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3. Have No Fear

They spoke of the end; And when it would happen; It's that time again; This time it's for certain; Like lightning's swift hand; The end will come quickly; No time to prepare; Be sure you dig deeply; H...

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4. Instruments Of Death

Welcome to your life of concentration; The killing has just begun; Another disposable creation; There is no place to run; Electrodes are attached around your body; Needles are injected in your skin; D...

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5. Lack Of Motivation

I don't have the time to sing this fucking song; Ain't got no ideas, can't go fucking wrong; Pressure building up, bullshit going down; At each other's throats, looking for the sound; [Chorus:]; Lack ...

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6. Punishment Area

Leaves of green do not exist; Just those condemned to death; Don't complain or shake your fist; Your life is up at best; [Spoken:]; Warning: You have just entered the punishment area. Here you will pa...

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7. Rampage/nothing Uncommon

Yah! Lots of things in life that I like but I hate you; Seems you only bitch and moan; When there's other things to do you waste my time; Why don't you leave me alone? The world would be a better plac...

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8. Ripoffs

He sees you coming and he knows what you've got; He'll take it all; He feels no guilt, he shows no mercy; When he hears the call; Draw his attention and his eyes; Out of his sockets; He zeroes in on t...

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9. Shadow Knows

Late at night, you hear the footsteps behind you; Is it just imagination, or the devil in disguise? Deeper in the darkness, don't know what you're getting into; Could it be the apparition, of the fear...

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10. Time Bomb

Demented individuals, children of remorse; Lashing out destruction, terror takes its course; Slay their mortal innocence, for they stand in the way; What cannot wait 'til tomorrow will be destroyed to...

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11. What Would You Expect

The government keeps spending; The country's always lending; Supplies out the ass so they can stab us in the back; The stock market falling, while the corporations are sawing; Employees out like deadw...

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