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1. Dead Silence

[Lyrics and Music by Manso]; I wish my dreams could all be true; Upon this earth I've stolen it too; There is no meaning inside my head; But now I don't wish myself dead; There is one sense in just [a...

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2. Evolution

[lyrics and music by Magri]; Now it's time to evolution; We must never look back; And the scars of the old conductions; They are sins we've made in the past; A new age has begun; With mistakes from th...

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3. Into Your Heart

[Lyrics and music by Magri]; The sun is rising on my window; In the morning of this endless day; And I can't see the brightness; Through the shadows there is no way; There is my life; And I hide in a ...

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4. Lost In The Twilight Hall

Awaiting my last breath; the mirror calls my name; it's showing me the way; into the dark; the bridge appears; I jump into the dark side; and hear the voice it's cold as ice; "Welcome to reality"; Whe...

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5. The Sixth Sin

Five sins of a man in the search for this dream; It's only regrets, tears won't make you forget; The whole power belongs to me; I won't use it against myslef! The sixth sin mistake will never be real;...

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6. The Cowards

Wondering for shady fields; Looking for a reason to live; I just take my courage, my pride and honor; And that dream that I have to accomplish; It's a road too arduous to me; There are too many demons...

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