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1. A Smile In A Whisper

Sky of ink and diamond stars; Empty streets with just occasional cars; Here we lie in a lullaby of stillness; In our room; Words are unable to speak of love; like a smile in a whisper does; Words are ...

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2. Allelujah

The lights on the westway go on; A million cars hurry home; An ice-cream van shuts off its tinsel bells; Winter won't be long; I see you everyday; I watch you as you walk down this way; We pass on the...

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3. Find My Love

Cats are crying; gates are slamming; the wind is howling 'round the house tonight; I'm as lonely as a boat out on the sea; when the night is black and the tide is high. ; Oh; on nights like these I fe...

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4. Perfect

I don't want half hearted love affairs; I need someone who really cares; Life is too short to play silly games; I've promised myself I won't do that again; It's got to be perfect; It's got to be worth...

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5. Whispers

The way she whispers; The stories I have heard; In captivation my eyes are wide with her words; So much respect in here; My heart is blowing up to burst; With one step forward; She leads me by the han...

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