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1. Automatic

it's makin' me mad i think i should go; i'm makin' everyone uncomfortable; i heard what they said but how would they know; when lately i've been hanging; out in the sun with the living and breathing; ...

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2. Boy Without A Clue

here it comes again; black coffee cigarettes and faith; and the paper came too late; hung out and dried again; an unshaven boy who's out of place; it's always inside of your head; i'm watching the wor...

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3. Down In It

'till all is said and done you never know; i never thought that i would be; the first to go; but lonely words can't make me stay; and no the time won't change us; cause we've already changed; and i'm ...

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4. Life Goes On

Four in the morning; And I lay in my bed; Just thinking about things I'll never change; And some things that I wish I'd never said; But oh well I guess we all lay awake; Life goes on; And the time tic...

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5. Nameless

Do you feel like live in a movie is it like what you saw on TV you go to all the right places with all; The right people and it's better than living with me; On your birthday they throw you a party an...

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6. No Sign Of Life

Ain't it funny how things turn out; You think you're over it and then; You're way back when; All that you could see was uncertainty; Like a lonely wind that blows; And then it goes; Now I find even ti...

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7. Say You Will

the sun may come tomorrow; the sky may rain; but when we leave this sorrow; will our hope remain; and no it don't matter; cause i know i'll see you in the end; say you will; say you'll be waiting when...

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8. Skeleton Tree

Skeleton tree surrender your leaves; The summer has come and gone; It's so like the breeze just leading me here; To somehow linger on; And now I sit here praying for a helping hand; Like an alien just...

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9. Upside Down

Welcome to the fall; And if you're scared; You know it does not show at all; We both knew that one day it would come to this; And neighter one is giving in; At least we finally agree on something; Fal...

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