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1. Barcadia

So this is what we go through to feel this way. Some things are better left unsaid or so I m told. Girl, you know what I mean when I speak these words. You re easy come, easy go, there s no substance ...

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2. Guardian

Open your eyes. Remember this is but a part of life and this time; Will surely pass. I know that fear has overtaken you and not even my words; Could shake these feelings. Just take notice to those aro...

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3. My Bloody Valentine

Tis' the season of love and lust, But for this reason death is a must. You partied, you danced. Quick to forget those who were now in your past. Beneath the surface we were calmly unaware; Death would...

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4. The Contender

The world has dragged me down. Yet I share these thoughts of; Life as I digress. I stand so tall. I've been through such troubling times. But these feelings are leaking from my chest. It s these choic...

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5. Two Timer

There was a time when you were on your own. No one to guide. no one to keep you strong. So I carried your weight upon my back. Never would I let you fail. I should have known it would become your chop...

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