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1. A Common Goal

So pull yourself together. I'm sick of wasting time. I'm so familiar with this circumstance that I have nothing left to offer to anyone but me. I need to find just what it is to be alive. ; So drag me...

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2. Cities And Headlights

I'm stuck, down here with my hands tied on the floor surrounded by moonlight. Cascade, I fall from the hillside. Swept away, i suffer the landslide. The rush of cities and headlights is reborn to mell...

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3. Deadwood

Please excuse me if I don't find the words to make it all sincere. I need to mull this over, so please have patience with me. I'm so sick of this impending silence. This time you'll be fine, but if yo...

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4. Guilt On Dirty Hands

Killing time is not a weakness. If its killed for you you'll get weaker by the day. Is it hereditary sickness, or is it TV screens that make you what you are today? Answer me with honesty with questio...

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5. Help Yourself

For goodness sake! We need a break from all the things that make us make our own mistakes. Stifle the hurt and this low down feeling because I'm the bane of whatever this may be. There's always someth...

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6. Hope

So, tell me now the truth. What are we to do when all that's left of what we thought we knew has no proof and no reason to subside? The lives that we have tried to make our own are tested by a force t...

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7. Mirror Mirror

If you left your conscience at the door would you pick it up on your way out, or is is something that you live without? You'll never need it. I'll discard all the things that make me want to leave; te...

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8. Only If We Learn

Is it giving up or giving in? Living our lives left unattended is a cardinal sin. We can trace it back through the years, we could pin every hope on the future and conceal the tears, but we are the on...

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9. Too Much To Ask

Refresh your memory. Do the eyes with which you see look beyond their reach? Black and white have never seemed so grey, gullible and naive. How can you resist? We see it everyday because our lives are...

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10. When Words Run Out

You gave me something that had no use, all the empty words and thoughts I somehow still cling to. Will you bear witness now to the scars you're opening and left by you? So, is your life one big excuse...

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11. Without Warning

This is not a calling, this is the life you've chosen, offered without warning. You'll never say goodbye to him again. On that morning, you never even posed the question why or contemplated if he woul...

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