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1. Break Free

I'm alone, you're alone, we're all alone; But we act strong, carry on; Marching blindly forward, pain within our hearts; And it hurts sometimes, we can be unkind; Just push it down and look around; We...

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2. Still Frame

I can't, no I can't; I can't, no I can't; I can't, no I can't....I can't; I can't live this way; Can't shake my memories free; I turn around and run away; But still they're eating at me.. ; I can't es...

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3. Tell Me

Come sit down, there's plenty of room; There's room for you right here; Next to me, here by my side; There's nothing that you should hide; From a friend or is there? You just look at me, Don't smile j...

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4. Tragic Beauty

When we love, we give in; To all our darkest fears; We can't help from falling down; All we know is what we feel inside; We follow our hearts blinded by desire; We cannot hide...... ; The way we feel ...

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